Evening Stars

Evening Stars - Susan Mallery Susan Mallery rarely writes a bad book and Evening Stars is no exception. It was fabulous, thought provoking, anger producing, and giggle worthy. The added bonus of having two men from Nina’s past pursuing her, was icing on the cake.

Nina has always been the older sister, the sensible one, the mother in her family. Oh, Nina and her sister Averil had a mother, but not one that took her mothering job very seriously. Now Nina needs to get a life, stop making decisions for everyone else, and simply worry about herself. However, how can she when everyone around her screws up so much? How can she think only about herself and her needs when that would be so selfish of her…or would it?

Nina really needs to learn that she doesn’t always know best and that sometimes others need to make mistakes.

What will really get you about this book is exactly how real these characters feel…how real the situations are (to a point). Perhaps I can relate to this novel on a more basic level because I too am an older sister with a mother who was not the best at being mature. Yes you do have to leave your disbelief behind since some things that happen in this book, happen in such dramatic and unbelievable ways, but Ms Mallery is such a wonderful story-teller that it won’t be painful to do at all!*ARC provided by publisher for reviewing purposes*