Loving the Highlander

Loving the Highlander - Janet Chapman Recently (Today) Re-Read,

So many of Janet Chapman's books are worthy of re-reads. So many of them are so well loved by me that I read them at least once a year. However, this one has never been a favorite so I thought that it deserved another chance by me. I'm sort of sorry I did so, because it just doesn't seem like this is a book written by the same Janet Chapman that we all know and love.

This book may suit some of the readers that do not like a petite heroine, but it is going to be a big disappointment for those readers who are used to heroines that have a good attitude and can kick some metaphorical butt.

Sadie Quill has issues with her looks and an obsession with treasure that has kept her from forming any attachments, especially to men. No men nor women are spoken of, only her mother and her boss. Sadie had been disfigured in a fire, but the reader may have a fit when they find out where these scares are and want to hit Sadie over the head with something sharp and pointy.

True to Romance books a perfect 'Adonis' is interested in her...of course he comes from 800 years in the past so he has some issues to work out too!

The story was a bit boring, the 'bad guy' was sort of obvious from the start and the love scenes - for Janets' style of writing, seemed a bit on the forced side. Even the 'Adonis' (Morgan) is not the kind of hero we are used to. Ms Chapmans heroes tend to be
alpha males but with a heart of gold, Morgan just was a little *too* Alpha and Neanderthal to suit my taste. This book will not be a re-read for me and that is too bad.

Happy Reading!