Underdead in Denial

Underdead in Denial - Liz Jasper 4.5 Stars

The reason why I am getting cranky is because Jo is not asking the proper questions of the proper people. I know that making the protagonist understood must be hard when using the first person narrative,

Jo the Underdead vamp,has the spine to go and solve murders but not to confront (even if it is just on the phone) the one who started to turn her into a vamp? She has no clue as to what she can do (eat, fly etc) but she never asks. And don't get me started on Gavin for cripes sake! Conflicted thy name is Gavin!

I want to see Jo grow and I hope that with the way this book ended that we will see some growth in the next book. Perhaps I'm just used to the kick-butt type heroines and switching from that type of book to a 'cozy' like this is what is giving me issues!
I really do love the mystery aspect of this series and if I look as the Underdeadness as the cherry on the ice-cream sundae, then the book is perfect.