Blood from a Silver Cross

Blood from a Silver Cross - E.S. Moore
If you have not read anything else in this series, I would highly suggest you do NOT try to start with this book. I had not read anything in this series and it took me more than 50% of the book to get a handle on what was going on The author does a commendable job of not supplying a lot of back-story which is a good thing if you are and have been a fan from the very first books. It will true fan from skimming a lot of back-story and give them something to sink their teeth into. It stinks though, if you are the type of person who picks up a book simply because the synopsis sounds good and then you are left hanging.

The story was interesting – Kat needs to find out just why the werewolves are being crucified, she has to hunt down and take care of a vampire who is using ‘children’ to make blood-porn, she has to deal with her feelings for Jonathan and try to keep away from Adrian. She sure has a lot on her plate –I have left a lot of Kats issues out of this review. There are just to many to list.

Kat ends up being the kind of ‘heroine’ that just makes you feel exhausted and want to slap her silly for her whining. She is also a lot like a somewhat watered down version of Kate Daniels from the series by Ilona Andrews. In fact, this book just feels like an Ilona Andrews book, but without the flair.

There was just too much going on (and with no explanations for the why of it) with too many people (Purebloods?) and creatures for me to enjoy.