The Deepest Secret

The Deepest Secret - Carla Buckley
If you are a mother, just how far would you go to protect one of your kids? This is the question almost every reviewer is asking and with the premise of this novel being about a mother keeping her very sick (pretty much terminal) child safe at the expense of everything and everyone else, then this question I’m sure will be easy for a mother to answer. For a childless person…maybe not so easy to answer and probably NOT the audience the author was looking to snag.

The idea behind this story was a good one. Take one highly strung and demanding mother, give her a husband who lives and works several hours away by plane. Then you need to add in a child who has the horrible genetic disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum (a disease that may kill the child before he/she reaches 20), add in a daughter who has been sometimes neglected and who is experiencing ‘mature’ life for the first time. Toss liberally with some truly bizarre neighbors and you end up with a sometimes brilliant, sometimes confusing and often a very harsh and frustrating story.

I cannot seem to be able to consistently, put myself into the main characters shoes. I think it may be that I have no children, so I cannot fully appreciate the fact that Eve thinks that an entire street should bow to her Sons needs, and do it with understanding and no resentment.

Later on in this novel, we find out just closely some of Eve and David’s neighbors are guarding secrets. However…Eve is guarding the largest of all the neighbor’s secrets and it isn’t a pretty one.It is a secret that can get Eve many years behind bars.

I couldn't buy the entire thing and as I've said I think it is because I have no kids of my own...I am not a person who can give up the majority’s rights for the sake of one person. Therefore, I saw Eve’s actions as being extremely selfish (sometimes) and no matter how the author glossed it over, sometimes even cruel.

Therefore, this book is all about secrets and lies – a Carla Buckley specialty! *ARC Supplied by Publisher*