Sleep With the Lights On

Sleep With the Lights On - Maggie Shayne Wow! Just Wow! Real review to follow.

This was a heart stopping, nail-biting, edge-of-your seat book and I am very glad to have found and read it!

It consists of a mix of genres –horror, speculative fiction, suspense and lastly –romance. However, romance takes a full back seat to the other aspects of this novel.

What would you do if the cornea transplant you thought would never work suddenly did? But with these cornea’s comes a little ‘gift’ shall we say. This gift is not a happy shiny gift; oh my no it is not. It is a full on horror story for our protagonist Rachel. Rachel is an acerbic, witty, somewhat @itchy protagonist that just somehow writes what some call “airy-fairy” self-help books. Rachel does NOT practice what she preaches. One day while still blind, she is hit by a police detective Mason who is running to find out what is wrong with hi brother. Let us just say that Mason’s brother dies and Mason helps his family to donate organ IF the cornea’s can go to the person he hit with his car.
This is where the fun of this book really begins! Can you suspend your disbelief enough to imagine that the DNA from a donated organ can somehow manifest itself in the recipients’ body; somehow change that recipient into what kind of person the donor was? Because if you can then this is going to be one thrilling ride for you, like it was for me.

The story was engaging to the point that I just had to buy a copy of this book and send it to my sister. The characters a full and well written. While you ARE asked to suspend disbelief quite often; the author’s style and voice makes it easy for you to do so without sacrificing any of the pleasure of the novel. The plot is well written, fast paced with no huge info dumps or filler and the mystery aspect really keeps you guessing.

I hate to sound trite or clichéd but if I could, I would have given this book more stars than just 5 of them!