Sin City Goddess

Sin City Goddess - Barbra Annino There are so many books in this genre that I really crave something new...something that hasn't been written to death. I thought I had this when I read the synopsis of this book. I mean, what reader wouldn't like a book somewhat (a tiny bit) along the lines of Anne Bishops Black Jewels Trilogy, with a humanized underworld and a sassy Hades. What reader wouldn't like to read about God's and Goddesses who have taken themselves out of day to day interactions with humans and resigned themselves to staying below ground playing poker and coming to this level to vacation?

Unfortunately this book just lacked something...some certain oomph that could have brought it from a passable speculative fiction/mystery/thriller,simply just another book, to a gripping and exciting read that you couldn't put down. Even the sex scenes here have been pretty much done to death.

This was merely a book that will keep you reading, but not overly excited about it or mindlessly engaged in it.