Falling For You (The Lawfords)

Falling For You (The Lawfords) - Steven Slavick The author solicited me to try his new romance since I liked and reviewed a similar type of novel. Instead of taking a free copy, I purchased this book because I loved the idea of a male writing contemporary romance. Of course, most likely many of my favorite romance authors may be male without me being any wiser!

What I found in the first few chapters is that this is a book for New Adults with many pop culture references – this leaves me standing out in the cold and will leave the author there as well since his book might not withstand the passage of time.

I know that with nearly every fiction novel (notice I did say ‘nearly’) you usually need to suspend your disbelief for at least parts of the book. If it is a well plotted and well written, mesmerizing novel, you will have no issues with doing so.

However, I came across my first problem (or issue) when our female protagonist has worked a mere few years, then bought her own home and in a matter of five more years, bought and built her own businesses. I don’t know - maybe you know some very lucky young person who has done this, but I see people in their forties still struggling to have this. kind of life and do not. I did not notice that the author gave these characters a precise age, but I would guess they are in their middle 20’s. In my opinion, they are much too immature and unsure for the types of characters that they are trying to portray.

We do get to meet an interesting antagonist who threatens Kelsey and her eateries, but since most of the book is taken up with introspection and back-story on both of the protagonists part…it is too little too late.

I can clearly see the male authors’ perspective coming in to play during most of the ribald talk, and Kelsey’s fanciful business set up. (a restaurant that seats 500?).

With a little judicious proofreading for the typos, some editing and cutting this would have been a good novel. It just wasn’t my cup of tea since I needed to suspend my disbelief too much.