Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf - Christine Warren I had originally read this book in it's paper format that was offered by Ellora's Cave and titled "Fur Factor". I loved it so much then, and with the addition of new material I love it now even more. I'm thrilled to have it in both formats.

Poor Graham Winters... he is the young attractive Alpha of the Silverback Werewolf Clan and is bored, bored, bored with the Otherworld women he has to choose from. He is tired of the gorgeous Vamp women and their games, the other Werewolf women, Demons, Fae and all the rest. BUT he has never had a "human" woman before. It is one of his hang-ups actually!

Meet Missy, a totally human woman who happens to be a kindergarten teacher and ALSO just happens to have a flaming crush on Graham ever since they met when they were paired off for a wedding.

Now they are both at the same party---poor Missy is there to meet a "Fantasy Fix" blind date and is more than reluctant to meet him; but through a series of extremely funny circumstances she ends up going home with Graham to have one night of ecstasy! But something happens during the night; something that smells of vanilla and sugar and has sent Graham reeling. Has he found his mate? In a human woman?

Find out by picking up this wonderfully funny, steamy novel, you won't regret it. As a matter of fact, if this is the first book of Christine Warren's you buy, I'll bet it won't be the last. While not all of the books in the series as as good as this one, they all a worth the read and your book budget cash! They do not need to be read in order, and they all are wonderful as "stand alone novels". They will be books that become "keepers" and you'll more than likely find yourself waiting for the next book in the series.