That Old Black Magic

That Old Black Magic - Mary Jane Clark
For someone like me who has never read this author, you may find her style of writing confusing, the large amounts of characters and red herrings annoying and the main character Piper, silly and naïve. For those of you who like this very sweet form of cozy mystery, you will most likely love this novel AND if you follow this author you will love this book!

I will say that the author did do a very good job of deflecting the reader from figuring out who done it. I don’t think there was even the barest whisper of a hint as to who committed the three murders and tried for a possible fourth.

There are many very short chapters and I found that somewhat annoying, but it sure made it easy for me to put down this book, as I got bored with it. Unfortunately this happened all too frequently for my taste.

I found the story tepid, the fact that Piper is a cake decorator AND an actress is a little too much to swallow in this particular instance and there are to many plot lines that didn’t seem to have enough closure for my taste. *ARC SUPPLIED BY PUBLISHER*