What Nora Knew

What Nora Knew - Linda Yellin 3.5 Stars - A Great Book that Tries Just a Little Too Hard

It took me quite a while to warm up to the characters and even to the plot line of this novel. The humor is sometimes abrasive and acerbic, but it grew on me after a while. It also took me a while to get used to such mature characters sometimes acting like junior high school kids. Nevertheless, warm up I did at least enough to want to know how Molly's career and love life would turn out.

Molly is a skeptic when it comes to love and with good reason. As for her career, it is dismal. Her relationship with her steady beau Russell is stagnant. One might even say that it is boring. However, Molly would rather have a boring (or steady and solid as she likes to think of it) relationship, than an exciting and unpredictable one. At least that is what she used to think!

Would settling for a steady and boring relationship really be all that bad? On the other hand, should we put our hearts and ourselves on the line and strive for that nearly elusive `love of our lives' that so many romance writers speak of? This is the question that "What Nora Knew" tries to answer for us.

This is a great book for us less young cynics out in the reading audience. You just need to get past the too hip "Sex and the City" feel to this novel and if you can, you will be in for a treat