The Line

The Line - J.D. Horn

A younger audience might appreciate this book more than a more mature one. This book would appeal to the 15 to 25 year old range while leaving most of the more mature readers a little cold or out in left field. The author has done a good job trying to reconcile the fact that his main protagonist is a very immature 21 year old, but her (Mercy Taylor, witch) attitudes and naiveté grated on my nerves. I am sure that in upcoming books in this series will show Mercys growth. This book reminded me very much of Charlaine Harris’s early books about Sookie Stackhouse, before Sookie had a chance to grow.

Mercy is one of a pair of twins – one has gotten all the magic and Mercy is left without any. Or, so it seems on the surface. This book is filled with murder, backstabbing, lies upon lies and yes magic! We start out with a book that seems as if it is going to be a romance novel about a love triangle between one boy and the two sisters, but soon a murder is thrown into the equation and whole lot of other magical maneuverings, black-magic, more deaths, more violence and a whole lot of betrayal.

If the author can get Mercy and her kin over the hump, then this will most likely turn into a lively and likable series.