Vampire Most Wanted

Vampire Most Wanted - Lynsay Sands
Out of all of the Lysay Sands Vampire books I have read, this was one of the darkest and least humorous for me. It was also one of the most confusing since it uses many characters from past books, so if you are not current (and I am not) then you may be doing a lot of head scratching.

As it says in the description, Basha is hiding out under the guise of a carnival fortuneteller named Divine.

Marcus Notte (Marco to Divine) is on the hunt for Basha per her Uncle Lucien’s edict and he finally finds her in a small town doing her ‘thing’.

Basha is considered a rogue vampire since she was never taught the ins and outs of it, for example not eating ‘off the hoof’, only using bagged blood, she doesn’t know about how the nano’s work and other things.

Divine and Marco, of course, find out that they are life-mates, much to Divines disple3asure since she does not want to drag Marco into her family affairs.

The characters didn’t seem to mesh for me, they were flat and lifeless (no pun intended!) the romance wasn’t there –of course angst played large part of the story, but their relationship seemed to be an afterthought by the author. The family trees left my head spinning.

This book was a little too serious for me and that took away a large part of my enjoyment. Ms Sands usually is able to suck me right into her books because I know that I can leave the ‘serious, real’ world while I immerse myself into her slightly skewed and kooky one. This time it just did not work.