A Circle of Wives

A Circle of Wives - Alice LaPlante A Circle of Wives

A Circle of Wives

by Alice LaPlante

Edition: Hardcover

Price: $18.54

2.0 out of 5 stars It Took a Lot of Willpower For Me to Finish, January 13, 2014
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Hardcover: 325 pages
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press (March 4, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0802122345

"When Dr. John Taylor is found dead in a hotel room in his hometown, the local police find enough incriminating evidence to suspect foul play. Detective Samantha Adams, whose Palo Alto beat usually covers small-town crimes, is innocently thrown into a high-profile murder case that is more intricately intertwined than she could ever imagine. A renowned plastic surgeon, a respected family man, and an active community spokesman, Dr. Taylor was loved and admired. But, hidden from the public eye, he led a secret life—in fact, multiple lives. A closeted polygamist, Dr. Taylor was married to three very different women in three separate cities. And when these three unsuspecting women show up at his funeral, suspicions run high. Adams soon finds herself tracking down a murderer through a web of lies and marital discord.

With a rare combination of gripping storytelling, vivid prose, and remarkable insight into character, Alice LaPlante brings to life a story of passion and obsession that will haunt readers long after they turn the final page. A charged and provocative psychological thriller, A Circle of Wives dissects the dynamics of love and marriage, trust and jealousy, posing the terrifying question: How well do you really know your spouse?"

This review is from: A Circle of Wives (Hardcover)

I really have to give kudos to the author for creating such a large group of unlikeable and unbelievable characters. At times they are even distasteful. I understand why the author did this; the reader would not be able to understand the inner workings of the mind set of this group if they had been at all likable or even sympathetic. The 'nicest' woman in the group (and I use the term loosely) wasn't even really all that nice. She was just a stereotyped rendering of a damaged woman from the Deep South.

The plot was an interesting one - what happens when three women realize that the man they had married in good faith is really a polygamist? What happens when they all find out at his funeral? In addition, how does one react when they find out that wife number one had a hand in these marriages?

That husband has been murdered and the detective on the case is a fumbling, inexperienced woman with an attitude and maturity level of a 'new adult' rather than that of a true detective ripe with wisdom and respect and knowledge of the job.

Again, the characters are flat, one dimensional and generally icy cold, yet they are also somewhat surprising. They are richly written but still uninteresting. Some of them even come off as a bit brainless and with no will-power. You will see what I mean if you read this novel.

This book took all of my will power to finish and when I came to the big reveal, I was not impressed.