Corpse Flower: A Cornwall and Redfern Mystery

Corpse Flower: A Cornwall and Redfern Mystery - Gloria Ferris
Much to my surprise, any lover of say, author Joan Hess and her Maggody series would enjoy this delightful and funny mystery. Actually, anyone who likes funny clever and difficult to figure out mysteries will most likely love this book. The characters are spectacularly quirky, acerbic and cunning. The who-done-it aspect was gratifyingly difficult to figure out. The main characters are rich, multi-layered and well written. The secondary characters are equally well written and are also a hoot to boot.

In this very small town, ex-socialite, Bliss, now divorced from the mayor who has ‘swindled’ her out of a fair divorce settlement, is doing anything and everything she can just to scrape by. She is trying to put enough cash into a fund to take her ex back to court. However, things start looking up for Bliss when her agoraphobic cousin needs her help in pollinating a rare plant. Of course, a good chunk of cash is involved. But things take a turn when Bliss realizes that people and things in her small Canadian town aren’t who and what they seem to be.

Bliss is a canny, cunning and wry character. She has seen it all, but has a little problem with assumptions, especially when it comes down to the new Chief of Police Redfern. Are sparks flying or does Redfern just suspect Bliss of nefarious doings? Is he a ‘bent’ cop or is he working an angle?

I hate to be trite, but I just could not put down this book. I had to gobble it up in one sitting just to find out what the heck was going on! It truly was fun seeing some of the characters that needed to get a kick in the butt and taken down a few pegs, get their just deserts.

I can’t wait to see if there will be a follow up book, because this would be a series I would love to keep reading. There is so much rich material in this small town and with these quirky characters.