Badlands - Jill Sorenson It is difficult for words to even begin to describe this romance novel. I understand that this is a work of fiction and a romance no less...but it is not science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy or a dystopian society or even where the rules of common sense have no meaning anymore. In these genres you need that lack sometimes to push the plot along..

I this book we have the first Mexican American running for president. One of his daughters had a baby out of wedlock and it makes it difficult for her father to keep his credibility with his 'family values' platform. The daughter Penny Sandoval and her son Cruz are being guarded by a man who is an ex-con, a past member of the Aryan Brotherhood, can't carry a gun, has no formal training in body guarding and can't even fight properly..

Penny, Cruz and Owen (the body guard) are taken prisoners during a convention by Owen's brother (?/!), now they need to escape and find help.

Throughout all of this Owen and Penny each have a huge crush on each other, but angst (very boring...beating a dead horse anyone?) and a false sense propriety keeps them apart.

This book is trite and cliched...that can usually be brushed off with this genre, because of what romance is. Romance seems to be a work that really seems to have some strict rules of writing .

However, this book not only is as I said trite and cliched; the characters have absolutely no chemistry, the child seems to have been written as an after thought and the outside evil forces/kidnappers are such that I just wanted to laugh at the stereotypical aspects of them.

I could find nothing that would redeem this novel.*ARC Supplied by Publisher*