To Dance With the Devil

To Dance With the Devil - Cat Adams Celia is finally making some progress with her life. After the last several books fiascos I was happier to see that she was having an easier time of it…until one of the more unforgettable things I have ever read happens to Celia (will she ever forgive herself for that darn body-binding spell? So good in theory, yet so bad when used against you!). Now Celia may be back to square on with her Vampy bits, *sigh* and she has a client who really isn’t a client – it is a matter of Celia’s good conscience taking center stage once again. Not that I can blame her one bit; when the good of man-kind is at stake-pull out all the stops.

For a Siren she sure does seem to have a lot of friends of both sexes! I also loved all of the secondary and tertiary stories in this book that have nothing to do with bad things for once! Mostly. Dawna ,*sigh* - poor thing, but we all saw this coming! Some new characters are brought in as well but don’t get to used to them! Old friends are back and in my opinion, will be playing what looks to be larger parts in future books. Oh and it looks like we may learn a little more about the werewolves in coming books –at least I hope so!

If you have never read any of the books in this series you may want to start right from the very first book. However, it isn’t really necessary to do so since the writing team does such a wonderful job of putting in just enough back story for new readers to understand what is going on. This writing team has the delicacy to NOT bore the readers who have been following the series. I have a feeling though, that anyone who starts here will soon find himself or herself grabbing for the whole series.

In this book, we do finally see Celia making headway with her mother or at least coming to terms with her and also with her sister Ivy and the part Celia feels she played in Ivies death. What I do not like so much is the parts that John and Bruno are playing – these are the magic men that Celia has been having relationships with. While it is nice to have her have two men interested – it is starting to get a little repetitious to some of the readers. Bruno just doesn’t seem to be Celia’s type at all – he is a little to non-Alpha. ;-)

This was a good solid read, if not a perfect one. A good book and one that gives Celia the closure she needed in so many different aspects of her life. I just hope we get back to the more kick-butt frenzy that her life was until this book!