The Sum of All Kisses

The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn This was a detail-oriented book with a slight mystery woven in. Ms Quinn certainly paid attention to her characters. They are multi-layered and realistic for their time period.
It was fun visiting so many old friends, abut I have to say that the interactions with Sarah’s sister’s was not the fun and comic relief that it was most likely intended to be.

The humor (and all Ms Quinn’s books are of a humorous bent) came with watching the protagonists Sarah and Hugh going from absolutely hating each other and forced to make nice…to having a relationship develop almost without their noticing, but oh so obvious for the reader. I loved being in on the secret if you know what I mean

This was an absolute “trademark” book for Ms Quinn, but not in a trite or hackneyed way. It is wonderful to be able to count on an author and know, book to book, that you are going to love what you read.*ARC Supplied by Publisher*