Parasite - Mira Grant I feel one of the most important things a horror or sci/fi author needs to do is to have the ability to get their readers to suspend disbelief. Another important thing to be able to do, is to write sympathetic and likable characters. with Parasite I was unable to do either. I could not suspend my disbelief nor could I sympathize, empathize or even like most of the secondary characters, let alone Sal and Nathan the protagonists.

The idea pushing the story could have been an interesting one, had it not been done to death already. It was slow moving and tiresome in a 'been there, done that' sort of way. I ended up not caring one bit what happened to anyone.

To now that this appears to be a trilogy with this particular edition ending on a cliff-hanger, does not endear it to me.

What it did make me look at is how people are sterilizing themselves to the point that kids don't even get to play in the dirt much anymore!

I will not be reading the next books in the series/trilogy. *ARC Supplied by Publisher*