The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match - Kristan Higgins Review to follow

*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

It took me quite a while to warm up to these characters and even after finishing this book I am still not sure I have any empathy for them. They are whiny, law breaking, manipulative, alcoholic, and filled with secrets and make bad choices in friends and who they sleep with.. About the only characters I did like were Honor’s elderly eggs!

This novel was written in third person, but is told mostly from Honors’ POV.

What I truly hated is that Ms Higgin’s (who I’ve always loved as an author) takes an obscure idea from another author ----------------------------SPOILERISH-------------------- in Ms Higgins book, Tom sends Honor a text that proves his intentions – this conveniently happens just before a near tragedy that would have made Honor Question Tom’s intentions had he not done this.

In Ms Donovan’s book “He Loves Lucy” – the hero sends himself a registered letter to himself filled with his love, intentions and feelings to prove that he loved Lucy before her transformation.

I managed to finish this novel, but I would not have had I not read this as an ARC. I am so disappointed since I normally really loved Ms Higgins work.