The Litter of the Law

The Litter of the Law - Rita Mae Brown Gaak.

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If you want to learn about crimes against indigenous tribes , organic gardening or certain types of politics instead of reading a cozy mystery, then this will be a great book for you.
I have stayed away from Ms. Browns work for a while now ever since she started taking the books into a new direction and infusing them with the authors opinions on politics, world views, religion et al.

I thought I would give this author one more try I am sorry I bothered. We are back to the rants and raves of previous books with the added thrill of the environment. Yes, I know Harry is farmer now so environmental concerns are important, but they don’t really make for an interesting cozy mystery read.

People are dying and the corpses are being arranged in gruesome and very public manners. Of course, Harry and Fair stumble accidentally on the first corpse. (Big mistake to take the postmistress job away from Harry, however that came about, it makes for weaker less believable story lines now). It takes about 60% of the novel and a thin novel it is already, for anything interesting or even resembling a clue, to happen!

I usually love the animals, but this time I found their dialogue tedious at best - plain old word filler at worse.

It was a huge struggle for me to finish this book. I used to be able to just sit there and gulp them down in one sitting, but no more. It was like being stuck in school and reading a textbook.*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

Good luck readers!