Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind - Susan Mallery This really was a good book. Good, but not outstanding and I know that Ms Mallery can do so much better. There are holes in the plot and a very rushed ending that really makes very little sense.

Ms Mallery sticks with the romantic genre's script just a little too closely for my liking:

Girl sleeps with boy in the past.

Girl re-meets boy several years down the road.

Boy is terribly flawed and hurt by circumstances out of his control and he swears that he CAN'T love just isn't in him.

Girl sleeps with flawed boy swearing she won't get attached...Hah!

Complicated things happen and these complications shake up the couples perceptions of themselves the world.

Boy does something stupid, but finally comes to his senses.

The End.

What I did admire greatly about this book, is the ability of Ms Mallery to write such a unique and complicated character such as Felicia. I had no trouble at all imagining her and I liked her very much. The town of Fool's Gold is still as crazy nosy as it always was, and I do wish we could learn a little more about Mayor Marsha.

This is not the worst book of the series, and it really has some wonderfully poignant moments; but it is also not the best in the series.