White Christmas: Woman HaterThe Humbug Man

White Christmas: Woman HaterThe Humbug Man - Diana Palmer This novel is comprised of two separate reprints of novellas. “The Humbug Man” is from 1986 and “Woman Hater” is from 1987. These are very sweet stories and the titles say a lot about them. These are about men who are so damaged by women, that they swear they will never love again and pretty much show to the women around them that they basically hate women. However, do they really?

The stories withstood the test of time, but not perfectly. The values, morals and storytelling are a lot ‘sweeter’ than the usual romantic fare we read mainly now. There is heat and passion, but it is more banked – less fiery. The men are really just looking for that proverbial ‘good woman’ to come and teach them that they can love again, although there are huge difficulties with these new relationships.