Bound by Night

Bound by Night - Larissa Ione This author has given us a unique take on Vampire lore. In her world Vampires are servants/slaves to humans. They are caught like game animals, defanged, castrated/sterilized and forced into slavery – and Nicole Martin –our female protagonist – is CEO of the company that enslaves and experiments on them.

As the synopsis describes Nicole was only eight years old when her whole family was killed. Well, almost her whole family. She had also seen our male protagonist, Riker, killing her beloved, pregnant nanny…or did she?

20 years later, they meet and Riker takes her hostage. You see,
Rikers clan had ‘borrowed’ a female vamp to aid in childbirth and she has been kidnapped. If Riker’s clan does not get her back pronto there will be a war between rival vamp clans..

I realize that this is fiction and as such an author can tell the story anyway he/she darn well pleases. However, in this instance it is difficult to put aside decades of storytelling to believe that the vampires are the weak, easily caught creatures that they have been portrayed in this book.

The other issue I have is that the author has made her heroine so namby-pamby, so easily willing to give up decades of habit, knowledge and belief to flip sides so easily. Nicole puts up with a lot of emotional abuse from Riker, yet is never wavering with her ‘love’ no matter how he treats her.


I felt that it was a little clichéd that her step-brother was such a horrible guy, and one of the reasons is because he didn’t think that Nicole deserved the company. It was trite to have him ‘experiment’ on Nicole and to have killed Neriya (the mid-wife that the rival clan is wanting back) was over the top…although I can see how it pushes the rest of this story along.

Although the characters are well drawn and the books pacing is great, I had a very difficult time trying to suspend my disbelief for this novel and open myself up to a new possibility. I think the reason for that is because the author really didn’t make me ‘feel’ that this new world order was realand I do not think I will be reading any more in this series.