Hollywood in Heels: A Small-Town Girl's Adventures in Tinseltown

Hollywood in Heels: A Small-Town Girl's Adventures in Tinseltown - Charity Gaye Finnestad If you are looking for something witty, clever or interesting, you have not come to the right place. I can understand that this has been written by a blogger - that is exactly what it reads like. It has no flow, no connections to each chapter and the star of this book just comes off as yet another selfish, petty liar.

There was nothing in this book that even made me crack a smile, let alone pee in my pants -laugh out loud.

I can see that this book will most likely appeal to a certain type of crowd. Thank God I have never been one to follow the herd.

When I agreed to read and review this book for the publisher, I had no clue that it had been out for the last year in print form, and I was simply going to be adding my opinion to the 'reviews' that were already there. I also had no clue that this was going to be a biography. It is difficult for me to reconcile the fact that someone who has lived such a short time, feels the need to put these small accomplishments out there.

The writing is childish, the photos are unnecessary, the definitions are atrocious and asinine. The author attempts to make this book sound like a combo of Sex in the City and something else that I can't quite put my finger on. It does not work. Once the author gets her own style and stops copying others and a little more wisdom under her belt, then maybe she will be on to something.

I personally think that Ms.Finnestad would make an excellent fiction writer.