Dancing - Laurell K. Hamilton Although this very short novella was bogged down with the typical of Hamilton minutia, this was eventually a very cute story. I do think that Ms Hamilton writes these stories about the everyday lives of her characters, to mimic what may be going on with her own life.

Micah, Nathaniel and Anita are invited to a picnic given by long time friend and partner Zerbrowski and his wife Katie. The trio is babysitting Matthew and the story ends with a dance that shows how little boys can be ballet dancers without being 'gay'. Anita also finds herself in an uncomfortable situation that pits Nathaniel against another party goer who has been to one of the parties in which Nathaniel pulled a 'Full Monty'. There is more to the story but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

What I will say is that Ms Hamilton again ruins a perfectly good story with the over detailing of Anita's lovers hair, eyes, bodies and back-stories. It is an annoying habit at best. One could almost make an argument that she (the author) does it to pad the word count so you don't feel cheated by paying three dollars for less than 100 pages.