Heart of Venom

Heart of Venom - Jennifer Estep --------------------------------->THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS------------------------->

This book is exactly what I expected. Gin starts out her day normally but of course trouble finds her anywhere. Even when she is having a day at JoJo's salon. Following Ms Estep's preferred formula, something bad happens to Sophia so of course Gin vows to take care of it. Yes, of course she is an assassin, so Gin has no problem with having a large hand in the multiple murders/deaths of the bad guys who are always Giants and Dwarves...why the heck would she? She has enough to feel guilt about. She seems to feel guilty about so much. Something that is becoming so cliched with this genre.

The bad guy ALWAYS has magic stronger than hers and almost always has someone to work the magic with too so they could double it.

Of course her friends help her with her job of rescuing Sophia and of course again they all get themselves in danger and hurt.

Gin nearly dies. She is saved...she is always saved. She and Owen as expected, fix their relationship.

The problem is solved a new (old) enemy is found...the end. No growth for the characters, nothing new as far as plotting or mystery goes. I found myself skimming the predictable passages so I could find something new, something that would hold my attention.

Is it possible that Mab has come back to life? Nah, that would be too cool. M.M. Monroe must be someone else related to Mab right?