An Accidental Goddess

An Accidental Goddess - Megan Sybil Baker, Linnea Sinclair I had never heard of this author and I'm so glad that my library recommended her to me. This book was written in 2005, but has withstood the passage of time very well.

It combines the best of two worlds, the futuristic space theme/good against evil and a romance. The heat of the romance does not over-shadow the sci-fi story. I loved it. gillie wakes up to find that she has jumped 342 years into the future. And in those years and on the stations where she awakes, she finds out that she has been ordained a goddess. Everyone worships her amd for all the wrong reasons. She meets the hunky Admiral Makarian and instead of trusting him, hides what has happened to her and what she truly is. She is not a goddess, but darned close.

The 'romantic' scenes are spicy, but not as hot as you will find in some of the more modern books. The love story itself is really interesting and quite realistic, even for the time period in which this book is set.

I love that the author didn't make her world so dystopian as to scare the pants off of me, but she did very well at keeping the tension level at the point that you don't want to put the novel down until you find out how it all ends.

What I didn't like, is that this book read like it was a part of a series, and it IS part of a dualogy, but you cannot get the first book. Bummer. It also seems like Ms Sinclair has stopped writing novels in 2010. Also a bummer. Perhaps her movie deal from the novel "The Down Home Zombie Blues" that is supposed to come out this year, is keeping the author from her keyboard?