Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles - Beth Albright is is the second book in a series. I do not recommend that you dive into this series with this as your first book. I dove into this book without reading the first one and am regretting it mightily. There is very little back-story so I am finding it very difficult to work up any feelings for this group of friends and family. In addition, not knowing the back-story is making it very difficult to understand the attitudes, language and personalities of the characters. In my opinion, light reading this is not. There are so many story lines that you might lose your mind just trying to keep up with the hyperactive antics of this group of Belles.
If you do not appreciate college football and especially if you are not a fan of `Bama, you might not see the humor that this book is wrapped in.

This is n interesting mix of different stories -we have a pregnant Vivi, who has just found out that her fiancé is married. A second storyline of Blake a lawyer who is finding herself enmeshed in a hidden relationship with an old beaux while she gets a divorce from her husband who is running for the Senate. There is a thread of a story about the wedding planners, Fru Fru Caterers; they are a bit of a cliché.

I grasp that this book is about the Southern culture and the authors' knowledge of it, but for some reason the interactions and dialogue does not ring as real to me. Of course, this is merely from my point of view and my relationships with the Southerners that I call friends. Everyone just seems clichéd to me. However, alas, I am a Yankee so who am I to judge, right? LOL!

The book may be a bit difficult for ¾ of the country to understand but it still was a fun and entertaining read, with enough heat and mystery to keep you engrossed. That is if you can keep up with this zany group of characters. Bless their hearts! *ARC Supplied by publisher