Three Little Words

Three Little Words - Susan Mallery I have had a hit or miss relationship with the Fools Gold series. I happen to think that some books that feature a small community of busybodies, to be too cute for words. However, this book in this series shows me just how wrong I could be about some of my opinions.

The premix is not a new one, but the execution by Ms. Mallery is flawless. What might be clichéd in any other authors’ hand, is poignant in Ms. Mallery’s hand.

The characters are well drawn and realistic (for fictional characters that is!), you do not need to stretch your suspension of disbelief too far to imagine the plot could really have happened.

My only problem is that the secondary story between Kent and Consuela should have been a full-length novel and not just a side story. I realize the there is most likely a limited number of books under contract and Ms Mallery has introduced us to so many book worthy characters that some may get the short end of the stick. But this story I think would have been a wonderful full length novel.*ARC Supplied by Publisher*