Magic Dreams

Magic Dreams -  Ilona Andrews OMG! Jim needs help! Say it isn't so!

And our absentminded, half-blind, speed addicted white were-tiger, Dali, is going to save him. Of course we all know that Dali is hopelessly in love with Jim. But how does Jim feel about her? Will Dali finally break through Jim's stoic, hard as rocks personality?

I really would have loved to have had this book written in Jim's POV.

This was one of the most interesting novella's to date, but Dali can be a little annoying with her "woe is me, I'm not beautiful or graceful just very, very smart" attitude. There is an interesting action sc ene,a mysterious aspect and a bit of romance all rolled into one short compact read.

The Asian aspect makes this very interesting - learning about the different cultures and the Gods and deities they worship really kept my interest.

Short and sweet, with a happily-ever-after.