Kiss of Venom

Kiss of Venom - Jennifer Estep Kiss of Venom

This review is from: Kiss of Venom (Kindle Edition)
This is only the second author I've seen in the large group that I read constantly -that have written a series in first person POV but has written companion pieces in their lovers POV later.

Out of the two authors that have done this, this is not the most adept. We have Owen thinking, pondering, brooding, inner-dialoguing, beating a dead horse of how he let his love slip through his fingers...yet he never once really steps up to the plate to tell Gin how he really feels. Okay, I realize that discussing his feeling with the love of his life would not be considered manly. I get that. But to do what he did do and then to keep it secret was a little cowardly.

This book felt different, and it should have since ti is in a different POV. But Owen POV aside - this almost felt as if it was written by a totally different person. The whole writing style felt off for some reason.

It is nice that we will be seeing this couple (hopefully) together again and that he and Phillip seem to have come to terms with their issues.

Oh-and did I mention that the cover to this book is totally HOT?!