Under A Spell

Under A Spell - Hannah Jayne This is yet another book in this series in which the character of Sophie has no growth. If anything, her character has taken a great leap backwards.

I believe that these books are might be mismarked and should possibly be labeled - Young Adult or even New Adult. The humor, what little there was, was childish and over-done. The plot, part of which has Sophie having to go back to her old high school to investigate student disappearances and possible coven activity was interesting. However, having Sophia re-live her own experiences in the same high school over and over, felt as if we were beating a dead horse after a while.

I can almost compare these books to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series – the first few are great and you think that the humor and naiveté of the main character is cute, but after a while, it starts to grate on you. You start to wonder just how someone can be so stupid or naive after so many books. Shouldn’t they have learned something by now…anything?*ARC SUPPLIED BY PUBLISHER*