Fatshionista - Vanessa McKnight 4.5 Stars

This was a different style of ‘look’ into the fashion world. The fact that Millie is not a size 2 makes her an anomaly in the fashion world, even though she is mostly only in the background. This was also one of the most unique romances that I have read in a long time. There was wonderful character development, vivid interactions and dialogue between characters, good plot development, humor and a terrific happily-ever-after. This book had everything I needed for a fantastic beach-read going for it .

Millicent has come upon a time in her life where she must make some very difficult decisions – will she end her career and go with her dreams or be practical? Does she let the man that she and the fashion industry believes is gay, know that she has come to want him so badly that she has some very interesting and very frustrating dreams about the pair of them?

It is interesting to see how they work things out when they have both been lying to each other. There are a few holes in the story, but nothing to make the reader pause over long or to really need to stretch their disbelief for. In fact, I liked this story so much and was so caught up with the story, that I wish there would be a Part 2. For while this may have seemed like it should have been a romance, I think of it more as a chick-lit and feel that there could be a follow up to Daniel and Millie’s lives.