Highlander Claimed

Highlander Claimed - Juliette Miller
What should have been a typical romance, one set in a favorite country of romance readers is anything BUT typical. Sadly, I do not mean that in a good way. This first person story had essentially no plot to it. It was simply a sex story (written in good taste of course) with a little mystery thrown in for good measure! This could have been a wonderful book since all the elements were there. The idea of Roses being an abandoned orphan with a mysterious tattoo was an interesting one, but not built upon enough.

You have a very, very beautiful woman escaping her master who has been trying to rape her, she runs and encounters a wonderfully handsome, sexy man. She is dressed like a man. They fight, they both get hurt, he gets hurt worse and she goes for help. In his delirium, Wilkie becomes enthralled with Roses. Things escalate from here, Roses stays with Wilkie and his brothers and sisters, and many sex scenes that do not culminate in the final act, occur.

I don’t think that I have ever encountered a female protagonist with such low self-esteem before. Someone so willing to accept so little –perhaps to be Wilkies mistress if he marries to meld clans..Roses was like a whipped puppy taking scraps from the table. I can appreciate that this is pretty much what life was like in these countries in these ages, but I don’t appreciate being reminded of it while reading a romance for pure pleasure, escapism and entertainment.

I could not, no matter how hard I tried, to find a way to care about these protagonists. I actually liked and cared about the secondary characters better than I did Roses and Wilkie.