Anything but Sweet

Anything but Sweet - Candis Terry
I recently read a book that used this plot device and really disliked the book. The story was unbelievable and the characters where unlikable –people that I would never want to have as a friend.

Then I came across this novel and decided to give this author, whom I have never heard of a chance…and what a difference an author makes! This was a fantastic, realistic novel with a sweet and believable plot and very likeable and believable characters. The dialogue was fresh and witty, there was not an over-abundance of inner-dialogue and for once only one of the main characters had an overabundance of angst. I want to move to this town and make friends with all of them!

I found myself rooting for this couple – Charli and Reno like I was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader! I adored the secondary character right off the bat.

If I have one complaint, and that is this book did seem to stick with the trite cliché that other authors are using. That is the plot device of the downtrodden heroes’ brothers using the ploy of making a play for the hot chick to get their brothers goat and to get him to make a move. There has to be a different and new way to do this and retain the idea that the brother or best friends need to do something to help the hero get the girl.

The ending actually had me in tears. This was a well-written book and I will be picking up more of Ms Terry’s earlier works.