The Hunter

The Hunter - Monica McCarty An interesting blend of historic fact and fiction, make this a very clever read for the lover of historical romances. This is part of a series, but since I have never read anything by this author, I was worried that I would not be able to follow along – but I should not have worried. Anything that was brought up from past books was vague and I was able to follow along easily. Each book in this series is about a different warrior in Robert Bruce’s elite army. Each warrior has a different unique skill, and a unique way of finding, taming and keeping their women1

This is pretty much a typical romance; what was unusual was the push for women to have more freedom (a job for a lack of a better word) and for husbands to be more understanding. So the fictional part comes in with Ewen eventually learning that a woman can be as clever and smart s a man, even if she cannot do battle like a man can.

What I really disliked about this book was the use of lying – much of the book is spent with one or the other or both at the same time lying. I find it difficult to reconcile near lovers after all these lies. It makes me very uncomfortable that some writers of the romance genre find it a great plot contrivance to have people lying point-blank to each other and then a few chapters later they simply forget the lies or easily forgive each other and perhaps concluded that the lies were for their own good.
Much of this book takes place with the authors’ prodigious use of inner-dialogue and that does not please me at all. It seems to leave a hole for me where there should be more ‘show-me’ not ‘tell me’ going on. I can see that it comes in handy to further a plot, but it still left me skimming much of those parts until I would get to important parts.

He use of sexual tension may have gone on little too long for my taste, but it serves the purpose.

This was a good read but not one I’ll be re-reading.