The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle - Deborah MacGillivray With what we learn in the synopsis, the readers may be under the impression that the main part of this book will be about the 213 single men and the women that are supposed to come to the island to help them find some love. And this is one of the reasons I read this book. I loved the premise of "the Curse" and what B.A. was trying to do to help.

Of course, it didn't hurt that there was going to be another plot going on at the same time. The plot that will supposedly break the curse by B.A. finding the right man -one that has black hair, green eyes and an Irish background.

What B.A. doesn't know, but may suspect, is that Desmond Mershan is after a lot more than just a few rolls in the hay.

The main problem with this novel (and merely one of many) is that the formatting and grammar is horrid for most of the book. Hed instead of He'd, Shed instead of She'd et al. Misspelled wourd abound and the author uses what I assume is jargon from that part of the world which leaves us Yanks stuck out in left field. My dictionary certainly got a good workout trying to figure out if I was reading a colloquialism or a Scottish word or just a misspelled word.

Another problem is that ¬ĺ of the book is simply about mundane everyday stuff. This wouldn't be a bad thing if it were to be interspersed with some excitement. The reader know right from the astart that Desmond is up to some nefarious tricks, yet even when he gives B.A. the opportunity to get help to figure out what is going to happen -she doen't, and just says she loves him so everything will be OK.

Now mind you B.A. is the Lady of the Island and is a rather brilliant person in her own right, working her magic on keeping her islanders happy and well fed and to make sure that they are all selling wonderful creation on-line and such. She appears to have a good head on her shoulders and a good business background, yet she lets this guy get away with trying to take part of her island? He wants to bring down her families entire holdings. Well she loves him! That's the answer and romantic it may be, but the sad fact is, is that I have to stretch my disbelief to the thinnest to finish the book from here.

The characters and their quaint names can get confusing and then after a while downright annoying after more of the book goes by.

There is a typical `happily-ever-after'