Cowboy with a Cause

Cowboy with a Cause - Carla Cassidy Cowboy With a Cause by Carla Cassidy
I would like to start this review by asking a question – was my book missing pages? We go through a lot in this book and when we finally get to what should be the ‘happily ever after’ we actually get nothing! Not even an epilogue to explain what may have happened to this couple. I understand that this is part of a series and there is a new book coming out this summer, but still…I really don’t like to be kept hanging.

While this story could have been an interesting one, it was rife with boring, repetitive passages, an unbelievable ‘romance’ (there really wasn’t one, just sex) a love that happened within a 2 week period. While not unheard of, it just didn’t ring true with this couple. Adam our hero seemed to be just blah, there was nothing captivating about him and Melanie was just too annoying for words.
Melanie is a dancer who has had an accident and now she is unable to dance. She is now in a wheel chair, disabled and repeatedly bemoans the fact that she is a “cripple” (not very correct in this day and age, but what can I say).and she does this repeatedly on almost every page. She really pities herself to the point that you just want to shake her and tell her to count her blessings, that she is alive and can still get around. Adam is a recovering alcoholic; although as you read this novel you come to relies that he really wasn’t, not like we have come to think of an alcoholic anyway.

Adam spends nearly every page bemoaning the fact that his brother is in jail awaiting trial and would he (Adam) do something crazy like his brother had, perhaps it is genetic?
Now someone wants to kill Melanie. We are lead to believe, to a point, that this person is the same one that has murdered two other women in this tiny town, however the alleged murderer starts out by turning this into a cat and mouse game by gas lighting her. This was an interesting concept and one that I rarely encounter in these types of books.

One thing that troubled me was just why Melanie was confined to the wheel chair and not able to use crutches. Actually, it seemed to me that she could have used both and been a little more independent.

At any rate, this was a slow moving, non-suspenseful,non-sexy book that was repetitious perhaps to fill in the word count.