Dangerous Refuge

Dangerous Refuge - Elizabeth Lowell Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell

4.5 Stars

I may be one of the luckier readers in that I had no expectations when I picked out this book. I do not think I have ever read this author before and if I did, I just don’t remember it. Therefore, I have no way to be able to compare this book to past books. All I knew was that I really liked the premise – rich girl turned conservationist, and sexy, hunk of a cop who acts like the devil in disguise needs a conservationist (specifically Shaye) to help him solve what may be the murder of his Uncle.

I loved the lack of rapport that they showed for each other in the very beginning, I loved that Shaye was a strong woman in her own right, and showed common sense when it was called for. Yet she was also able to help save herself when she needed it and really didn’t have to wait for a man to do it. Of course, for the sake of this being a romance, the man did do most of the saving, but I knew that Shaye could have finished it if she had the chance.

At any rate as you can tell I really liked this book, I know that many people did not and they are readers who have been following Ms Lowell’s work since probably day one. I had no preconceived notions about the type of writing it should have been or what past books were like. This book in my opinion was great.

The level of heat between these two was excellent, the romantic scenes are tasteful yet very hot, and the conclusion of the mystery surprised me somewhat. I loved the way that the main characters were written and the authors’ description of the area made it really pop in my mind.

This was quite a satisfying read.*ARC Supplied by publisher*