The Wedding Hazard (Colorado Billionaires)

The Wedding Hazard  (Colorado Billionaires) - Regina Duke This book started off so silly and flighty and totally unbelievable, but if you are patient read a little more, you will see that this actually works in this novel. It eventually becomes such a fun read that I just couldn't put it down once I started it and ended up reading until 1a.m.!

This particular author really makes the 'marriage of convenience' story that should be ridiculous, totally believable and wonderfully logical.

The characters at first are written a little annoying, with thin personalities...but they quickly turn into just plain fun people. Once I got into the book I came to the realization that the reason why these characters didn't seem very mature was because they where younger than I thought (or at least I am assuming so from what I read), the secondary and tertiary characters are a hoot. I also loved revisiting some of the characters from The Wedding Wager (Colorado Billionaires) .

So all in all this was a worthwhile book to read - especially if you do not like typical growly, brooding and anghsty alpha males, but appreciate a good looking, rich man!