Frozen Solid

Frozen Solid - James M. Tabor I think I actually would have LOVED this book had I known that there was another one attached to what looks to be a series. Read "The Deep Zone" first, I think it might help.

This author writes one the strongest female protagonists I have ever read.

This is quite the complicated, yet superbly explained to the nonprofessional, scientific thriller with finely written characters. It is an action based novel with a great sense of place, a colorful and easily imagined scene and good plotting.
That is not to say that this novel was without some little problems -or big ones depending on how you look at it. There is an issue with an obvious `bad guy', but that was sort of taken care of by a tiny little plot twist that I enjoyed.
Taking high action and high excitement scenes cutting them and then picking up like nothing had ever happened, with no exploitation or very little explanation - was a big problem for me.

I understand that this is going to be an ongoing series so I can see why the author may not want to rush to fill in the gaps of the `heroine' and her lovers' life together. However, the author may need a little more finesse with this since he opens up a huge can of worms and then never resolves or revisits this issue.

I read this in one bite and am looking forward to having the time to read the first book in this series.