Big Sky River

Big Sky River - Linda Lael Miller I am very disappointed by this novel; Ms Miller has always allowed me to have certain expectations with her books and I've rarely been as bored with one of her books as I was with this one.
If I were to try to recap the story for you, I couldn't since there really wasn't a story with a plot. It was a relationship-based story that didn't even start until you were through about ¾ of the novel.

The first ¾ is about Tara and her relationship with her ex-step-children and how they are visiting her for a while in Montana at her pseudo chicken-farm. The rest of this section is about the Sheriff, Sheriff Boone and his sons who have been living most of their lives at his older sisters' place and how he now has to cope with them as they have come to stay with him.

The only conflict between the two is that Tara hates Boone's trailer which she can see from her home and he dislikes her uppity attitude. They were the two most insipid people I have ever meet on the pages of a book and I actually disliked them.

This was not a sexy or hot book, there really was nothing to do with cowboys or ranches and one of the few `action' sequences has the Sheriff doing something that could be considered illegal.

Then at about ¾ of the way through the book they have sex.

There are so many errors in the `plotting' or at least common sense or logical errors, that I finished this book thoroughly disgusted