Wedding Night

Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Was this book really written by Sophie Kinsella? I mean yes it has her usual style of protagonist's, but in this novel I couldn't even find the tiniest way to like them or to sympathize with them. This book was all about one lie after another. Three out of the four main characters spent the entire novel lying their knickers off and it was `always for the good of someone else' or even worse, simply lying to oneself so they could keep telling themselves that what they are doing is all for love.

This is a book where you have to go beyond suspending your disbelief and into out-right fantasy-land; because there is no way that in the real world that something like these machinations could ever happen. At least I whole-heartedly pray that these types of things could never happen.

Lottie expected her long-term boyfriend Richard to propose to her, and when he did not she went off the deep end. Oh, it didn't happen right away. It took a while as it usually does for her and her sister Fliss was quite worried about her. However, what Fliss never expected was that Sophie would mend her broken heart by marrying someone she had had an affair with 15 years ago when she was just a teenager. Fliss seems to think that if she could keep her sister from consummating her marriage then things would work out in the end... right!

What follows is the story ofLottie and Ben trying their darned hardest to consummate the marriage and being thwarted at every opportunity. This should have been an uproariously funny novel. It was not. It became painfully unfunny, pathetic, frustrating and downright annoying at times. I really wanted to throw this book against the wall I was so frustrated with it, but I plodded on. I just had to see how it ended. Unfortunately, it ended JUST the way you would have expected it to end. It ended on a trite, cliche,cute, too sweet to be real note that had me nearly in a diabetic coma. With a story line like this; trite, shallow and unlikable characters, I can truly say I will never read this book again and pray they never make a movie out of it.