Helsinki Blood

Helsinki Blood - James Thompson I have been an avid follower of Mr. Thompson since I discovered his first book “Snow Angels “and while all of them are bloody and may remind the reader more of The Godfather than anything resembling books about good cops...Kara essentially still does have a conscience. You may wonder after a while if he knows right from wrong anymore, but in the end, it will all become clear. Yes, this novel does have a very surprise ending and because of that, I am going to stick with this series. I had thought for a while, that all the blood, gore, and just pure evil would make this my last book but the author did a wonderful job of taking out the trash and leaving me some hope.

If you are new to this series I really must encourage you to read them in order. So much has happened in the past three books that if you were to start with this one you might think the author is simply a nut case. Nevertheless, each act of what appears to be cruelty has a past reason for it , Kara has some very good reasons for being the type of cop he is and Kate his wife has an excellent reason for reacting to everything the way she does.

This went from a horrifying read in spots, to a truly satisfying noir police procedural bordering on a horror novel. I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for something a bit different. A bit more cutting edge…