The Wedding Wager

The Wedding Wager - Regina Duke The Wedding Wager by Regina Duke

This is a classic tale of a marriage of convenience. Megan Mully needs a way to pay her horrendous hospital bills and Kevin Fineman Wake needs someone to marry him so he doesn’t lose his families inheritance/legacy. Luck or fate was playing a huge trick on them the day that Megan found Kevin’s newspaper ad looking for a ‘personal assistant’. The reason I say that it was a joke is because this ends up being no marriage of convenience but becoming a true and loving relationship.

I could have rolled my eyes when this couple found themselves admitting their love for each other, but Ms. Duke used such a skillful hand in writing this novel that I believed in their love. Yes, this novel had flaws and some gaps, but in any kind of novel based on this particular genre, you can nitpick and find the holes. If you want to become swept away with the romance, fall in love with the characters and just read something sweet for a change, this is the perfect novel for that.

The characters are fully fleshed and interesting. The ones that are supposed to be likable are very much so. The ‘evil’ father is a tad too evil, sort of Simon Legree-ish, a little too obvious. Nevertheless, in a way, even that is a little refreshing.

Enjoyed this sweet and funny novel and wished it had been longer…I really would love to touch base with this quirky family again someday down the road. I really want to find out what happens to Kevins brother and sister and does his Mother ever get rid of that jerk she is married to and marry her true love.

This is a keeper and a book that I will be re-reading the next time I need time away from the stress and complications of my life.