Beast Behaving Badly

Beast Behaving Badly - Shelly Laurenston Beast Behaving Badly (The Pride Series) [Kindle Edition]
Shelly Laurenston (Author)

Another winning book from Ms Laurenston.
This is a book filled with fun, sarcasm, fighting, hot sort of clueless guys and in this particular book? There is actual action going on! This is a little bit more that Ms Laurenston’s usual relationship driven novel. In this book, we finally have the something a little bit big and dangerous happening. We have hunters who are using the hybrids as fighters trying to capture Blayne. She is a wolf hybrid who is the friend of EVERYONE no matter the species!

This is one wacky book that does eventually show the stronger side of Blayne , if you have met her already then you will know why it is odd to hear that she has a hard or strong side.

This book has some interesting scenes, but the sexual scenes aren’t as hot as with some of the other books in this series. The scenes will leave you reading but maybe no quite gasping for air if you know what I mean.

Bo is show in all of his OCD glory and he revels in it. But believe it or not he is trying to change a bit for Blayne and is treating their time in Maine while they heal as a vacation---something he has never done before!

This is another book in this series that really does not HAVE to be read in any particular order. It is not imperative that you do so, but it may make it easier if you do, if only just to see just how different Ms Laurenstons characters can be. Ms Laurenston does a good job with back-story. I do adore the fact that there are no angst filled, regret driven, bleak characters taking over the pages of these books and I think you will find it refreshing too.