Seven Kinds of Hell

Seven Kinds of Hell - Dana Cameron I had hope for something a little more interesting. After all the premiss sounds fascinating.Zoe knows she is different. -she is not altogether a human. She seems to be able to shift into a wolf and in the first few chapters of this book she finds out there are more unusual things running around than she thought. Zoe starts off this book by stealing an archeological artifact from a job she is doing. At the same time her Mother is dying and her last words are about how Zoe needs to stay away from her 'fathers people'. This is why they have been running for so long, never staying on one place very long.

But, naturally these people find her and to make a very long story short, these people kidnap her cousin and try to force her into giving up the artifact she stole (which they somehow miraculously know about) and to find another artifact that is similar.

This book goes from being interesting in a speculative fiction kind of way to being too annoying in an 'oh dear there are too many characters and things happening at every moment' kind of way. There are pages of history and academia which did nothing for me as far as moving the story forward.

The characters seem shallow and I had a very difficult time getting interested in them.

A younger audience may find this book more to their liking since the characters are quite young and haven't yet matured into characters that a broader audience would like.

I can easily see that this is a book meant to set up a series and while the idea for the series is good - it is not a unique idea.

I think I will wait to see what the reviews are saying when a second book comes out to see if I will continue reading. I don't think I will considering that this particular book felt like such a tedious, plodding, almost torturous read to me.