Strong Enough to Love

Strong Enough to Love - Victoria Dahl If this as a taste of what Victoria Dahl's new series is going to be like, then I have to say to the readers "hold on to your under-britches" while you read these books. I have to believe that the new full length novels will be just as hot as this novella was.

This is a quick little story (52 pages -about an hour of reading time) of two people, Eve and Brian, who had been best friends two years ago and then realized that they wanted more. This could not be, since Brian was married at the time. He was estranged yet still felt compelled to make one more go with his wife of 20 years.

Now Brian is back in Wyoming, just as Eve was dealing with despaired over her life, her age, her lack of love and even more importantly sex and simply being held and loved. She doesn't think that she could ever deal with Brian again since he seems to have broken her heart so badly.

Anything else will be a spoiler, so suffice to say that this was a very erotic read. Since it was only 54 pages we do not have a lot of character growth, plot or any of the other things one needs to make a typically great novel. But no matter, since what Ms Dahl DID manage to put in here was very satisfying.

Grab this short while you can at this great price! *wink*