When You Wish

When You Wish - Lori Handeland When You Wish – by Lori Handeland

This wonderfully sweet romance will take you very little time to indulge in. And when there is heat, it is good and hot without being pornographic.
These characters may look to be totally different, but deep down inside they both want the same thing – to do good for people in pain. They have just learned that they will be competing for the same funding to help with research for their pet projects. Grace believes in the magic of life and simple kindnesses, while Daniel doesn’t believe in anything that he can’t stick under a microscope, now they suddenly find themselves having to work together on Daniels experiment in order to be considered for funding.

I loved this story and it was so refreshing to find myself reading about a male character that was hot and sexy and didn’t know it. He was also quite the beta male. And Grace was a bit ditzy/know-it-all-ish without being overly or annoyingly so. The secondary characters might have been a little over the top but they served to be a perfect backdrop for the main story.

For such a quick read, we have a good plot, well-fleshed characters – a lot of laughs, some great romantic scenes and a HEA…what more could we want?

Editing/formatting was a tad sloppy, but nothing that detracts from reading it.